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My Story...

My Story

I have always followed my dreams and been self employed.

For many years I rode and trained professionally. My passion was buying and selling- mainly ponies. I focused on running my business with integrity and honesty and built a solid business with many repeat customers and referrals.

I then saw a need in the industry for a national equestrian publication with affordable pricing. I launched The Plaid Horse in 2003. The Paisley Pony started in 2005.

After many years in publishing - It was time to look for something else. That began my journey into the online marketing space. And while learning that... I realized I love making sourdough bread- go figure!

Right now my main focus is growing as an influencer - creating a YouTube account for sourdough newbies- and creating content with my rescue dog Buddy the Pupfluencer.

After that- I will focus on Daisy's book and my merch on demand items.

I also promote a few things that really align with my needs and values. I'm always excited to share those with you!

It was a really eye-opening moment when I realized it was possible to build a business(es) around your life and your passions- without compromising or getting stuck in the dreaded I hate my job cycle.

If I can help you in anyway- let me know!

Follow along on my blog to see where my journey takes me- maybe it will help you find your passion as well!

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